Best Free Platforms to Learn R for Data Science

Explore these free platforms to learn R for data science

Understanding programming languages is a prerequisite for utilizing data science’s machine learning and data analytics capabilities.

R programming has become a potent tool for statistical computation and data analysis among the many languages available.

There are numerous free resources available to learn R efficiently for anyone who want to go into the field of data science without going broke. This post will discuss some of the top free resources available to those who want to learn R for data research.


Many free R courses and specializations are available from renowned online learning portal Coursera.

Beginners can get a strong foundation by enrolling in courses like Johns Hopkins University’s “R Programming,” which covers important subjects including functions, control structures, and data types.

These courses’ hands-on methodology, which is frequently supplemented by homework assignments and tests, guarantees real-world learning and skill application.

Additionally, Coursera offers the convenience of self-paced learning, which makes it a great resource for both novices and experts in programming.


There are a ton of free resources available on GitHub, the top site in the world for collaborative programming and version control in R.

Users can discover R-related repositories with projects, instructional resources, and code snippets contributed by the active GitHub community.

Through examining repositories such as “awesome-r” and “Data-Science-R,” students can uncover an abundance of well selected materials, including as books, tutorials, and datasets.

Because of GitHub’s collaborative nature, it’s easier to communicate with other developers and learners, which promotes a sense of community and knowledge sharing.


DataCamp offers a wide range of free R courses and focuses only on data science. Users can code directly in their web browser with the platform’s interactive learning environment, giving them a hands-on experience without requiring the installation of additional software.

DataCamp offers courses for learners at all phases of their data science journey, from beginning to advanced levels. The condensed courses and practical examples make it a fun and useful resource for learning R.


Harvard and MIT founded the edX platform, which is yet another great place to learn R for data science.

Microsoft courses such as “Introduction to R Programming” provide a structured curriculum that starts with the fundamentals and works its way up to more complex subjects.

Moreover, edX offers an interactive learning environment with video lectures, tests, and discussion forums. To add legitimacy to their newly gained skills, learners can opt to seek a certified certificate for a small charge, or audit courses for free.

RStudio Education

The popular integrated development environment (IDE) for R programmers, RStudio, has a section specifically for education.

RStudio Education is a great resource for self-paced learning because it provides free resources like webinars, cheat sheets, and tutorials.

Specifically, the “Data Science in a Box” project offers an extensive collection of resources for learning R and data science principles.

With the help of these tools, aspiring data scientists can learn more about R programming and its practical applications.


Within the R console, Swirl is a novel and dynamic learning environment created especially for R beginners.

With the help of this R package, users can learn by doing by following interactive lessons that are presented right within the R environment.

Focusing on practical experience, Swirl makes sure that students can put what they’ve learned to use right away.

This platform is especially useful for people who learn best through immersion and application, as it enables them to refine their R abilities in a real-world programming setting.

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