8 Food Items You Should Never Put In A Microwave

8 Food Items You Should Never Put In A Microwave

Frozen meat

Frozen chicken, meat or fish should never be cooked in the microwave as they cook unevenly and even grow and spread dangerous bacteria


Broccoli in a microwave can destroy all its nutrients and so it is advised to gently steam or blanch it to maintain both their nutritional integrity and colour

Pasta sauce

Tomato-based pasta sauces can be super messy if warmed in a microwave. If warmed uncovered, they can spit and splatter all over the appliance as they have a thick consistency which traps the steam until it explodes


Putting an egg along with its shell in the microwave can be dangerous and messy. The rapid heating process can create a lot of steam inside the egg, which can cause it to explode into an eggy mess

Raw peppers

Raw peppers contain capsaicin which vaporizes at high temperatures and its fumes can be highly dangerous and toxic if exposed to your eyes or breathed in


Popping a mug of water in the microwave for some tea seems like a harmless and practical thing to do, but it can actually be quite dangerous. Microwaving water can superheat it without boiling, which if splattered can cause severe burns

Leftover potatoes

Reheating cooked and leftover potatoes can be dangerous if you put them in a microwave as they house the botulism bacteria which multiply immediately. Microwaving the potatoes won't kill the bacteria and can cause you severe upset stomach

Breast milk or formula

Never put breast milk in the microwave as it does not evenly distribute heat, which can create extreme hot spots in the liquid making it dangerous for the baby. It is better to place the bottle under hot, running tap water to warm it up